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Yuval Oliel

Master Student

My name is Yuval and I am in the accelerated master's program in Biomedical Engineering at Tel-Aviv University. I chose the Biomedical field due to the combination of innovation, development and science with a thorough understanding of human biology, and personal belief that this field has a great impact on the world we leave in.
In my bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering I specialized in signals and systems and did my final project at Maoz Lab on the field of "Organ-on-a-chip". In the project I have developed an innovative fluidic platform to mimic human multi organ-organ interaction. Currently, my main research focuses on developing a tool for label-free imaging of neuronal activity via Raman and Holography.

I chose to continue in the lab to my Master because I was enthusiastic by the research subjects in the lab. also, I felt that I'll have many opportunities to experience diverse tools and dive into different areas of expertise. And of course, the great atmosphere in the lab didn't hurt.

at resent years, there has been a growing demand for label-free
observation methods that allow for the assessment of cells, and especially neurons repeatedly without any toxic effects and
without the use of dyes or tags. according to those needs, I currently develop a technique for label-free imaging of neuronal activity.

After I'll finish the master's degree, I'd probably like to experience the biomedical industry, but who knows there's time 😊

My favorite things are traveling in Israel and around the world and discover new places, taste good food and wine, and spending time with my friends and family.

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