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Victoria Miller

Bachelor Student

I am a B.Sc student in Biomedical engineering, I take part in a program combines engineering with humanities, which emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary in our changing world.

I was introduced to Ben's work as a student in one of his courses, I got fascinated about the tissue engineering world, especially "Organs-on-a-Chip" and its profound impact on the future of medicine, as well as Ben's enthusiasm regarding the subject that is contagious!

Developing Gut-on-a-chip, which will allow the growth of epithelial cells and bacteria on the same chip.
Our main goals include: monitoring oxygen in chips over time, creating anaerobic environment which is separated from the aerobic environment in the chip - by using oxygen gradient.

I would like to expand my knowledge and expertise in the field, by doing something that I am passionate about, and has an impact and true purpose. As well, to get involve in the biomedical industry and pursue advanced degrees.

I believe that I am a student of life and on a continuous journey of never-ending learning. I am engaged in the process of meditation, usually trying to meditate every day for an hour! I am a nature lover, bookworm (especially self-development & spirituality) and a big fan of health and fitness.

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