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Tomer Elisha

Bachelor Student

I'm starting the 4th year in the double bachelor's degree of biomedical engineering, biology and neuroscience, in Tel-Aviv university. I have studied computer science in high school was and always interested in different knowledge domains. I think that a multidisciplinary approach has the potential to solve big problems as serious diseases, and therefore I applied to this program that integrates engineering and biology to have the knowledge of both worlds and hopefully in the future use it to solve such problems

Ben's lab works exactly on combining engineering methods to create solutions and innovations in the biological world, so I find it as a great place to be exposed and experience the things this lab makes.

My project at Ben's lab is to find out applicable and affordable ways to print cells in a configurable depth inside a 3D gel.

After Ben's lab, my next step is to continue developing and exploring the biomedical world and to be able to applicate the things I've learned to create and contribute in the fight against serious diseases and other challenges.

In my free time I like to be with my family, watch tech news and events, draw, play piano, listen and watch art, learn new things and think in general about life…:)

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