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Tal Pevzner

Bachelor Student

I'm an undergraduate in double major in Biomedical engineering and Neuroscience.

My project partner, Alma Davidson, did a biological project in Ben's lab and told me a lot about the great experience and atmosphere in the lab. When a opportunity arrived to do a engineering project in the lab - I had to jump on the experience.

In our project, Alma and I try to simulate a mild TBI. As an undergraduate student, its a great learning experience - we are getting to experience with 3D printing, working with cells and designing an experiment from zero.

After finishing my degree, I would like to take a gap year and travel a bit. My main goal is to swim in the devil's pool in Victoria falls in Zimbabwe. I'll take the time to understand in which direction I want to continue my studies - biology, engineering or something else completely.

After lab hours i live a pretty standard life as a student in Tel Aviv university - I rent an apartment in Tel Aviv with two good friends, a waiter and have few plant pets.

Beside that in the last year I went scuba diving between the tectonic plates of north America and Europe, traveled into a volcano and drank approximately million cups of coffee.

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