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Shay Divald

Master Student

My name Shay Divald and I am last year biomedical engineering bachelor student specializing in signals and systems, and first year in the accelerated master's program in electrical engineering. The integration among innovation, development and science alongside biology and contributing to society is the winning combination for me, and therefore I chose to focus on biomedical engineering.

Over the last year, I have worked on my final bachelor’s degree project guided by Dr. Ben Maoz. I always thought I would go on to an advanced degree. After I did the project and have been working in the lab, I have realized even more how many other areas interest me that I would like to explore in greater depth. Therefore, I decided to take part in the accelerated master's program in electrical engineering.

Last year I did my final project for a bachelor's degree guided by Dr. Ben Maoz. The subject of the project was on "Organ-on-a-chip" which is an innovative tool that enables better understanding of human physiology and drug discovery. In the project I have developed an innovative fluidic platform to mimic human multi organ-organ interaction. This year I'm starting my MSc on Electrical Engineering. The main goal of my project is to restore tactile sensation by using the TENG concept (A Nano-generator designed using the triboelectric effect in order to stimulate sensory nerves effectively)

I don’t know yet exactly what will be almost two years from now, but for sure something I'll enjoy and be passioned about :)

I always like to spend my free time with friends and family.

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