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Rafael Aginyan

Master Student

I am a master's student at "Sagol School of Neuroscience" doing my thesis at Maoz lab. I graduated in Biology and Psychology at Tel Aviv University.

From a young age, I was passionate about science and neuroscience in particular.

During my bachelor's I did one of my projects at Maoz lab under the guidance of Dr. Ben Maoz.
I have worked on developing a new in-vivo traumatic brain injury (TBI) model.
After a year at Maoz lab, I have decide it is the right place for doing my master's degree.

My master's thesis aim is to study the communication of extracellular vesicular secreted from brain microvasculature, and its effects on the neuronal activity as a result of traumatic brain injury.

After I'll finish my master's everything is possible, but ill probably do my Ph.D.

I am a CrossFit enthusiast, aspiring explorer doing the "Israeli road" (aka שביל ישראל).
love meeting friends, family and going out in general

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