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Rachel Rubinstein

Master Student

I received my bachelor's degree in marine biology with a specialization in biotechnology. I chose marine bilology because of my love for the sea, but over the course of my studies, I discovered that I love biology just as much! The idea of harnessing science for applied functions and its many possibilities fascinates me even more. This discovery led me to major in biotechnology, and is also what led me to Ben's lab.

The lab's focus is on intriguing and innovative yet practical applied science. The first time I heard of it, I immediately understood that amazing things were being done there and of course I wanted to take part.

My master's focuses on odor detection using a robot, which is leveraging animals' well-developed sense of smell . I am excited about the huge potential of this project, and the impact I hope to make by joining the lab.

Although I have not yet determined what I will be doing after graduation, I look forward to finding out where this experience will lead me and what possibilities the master's will open for me next.

In my free time I like to bake, travel, go to the beach to watch the sunset or go snorkeling.
During my first degree studies, I also discovered the wonderful world of sailing - and it definitely has joined my list of favorite activities.

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