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Noa Gozin


I am a senior student at Hakfar Hayarok high-school, working on my matriculation project in bio-medical engineering. I was always fascinated by the integration of biology and technology, so I figured a project in this field is a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and earn some experience in academic research.

While looking for a research subject I stumbled upon an article about organs-on-chips, and I was instantly sold. I was beyond thrilled when Dr. Ben Maoz agreed to guide me in the project, and when I came to the lab I discovered many more fascinating projects and amazing people.

In my project I will be taking part in developing a gut-on-a-chip system, to better understand the connection between the gut microbiome and the intestinal cells.

In the future I hope to further study bio-medical engineering or electrical engineering, but I like to keep an open mind :)

Besides spending time with friends and family, I enjoy travelling, drawing, and playing the piano (even though I am an amateur).

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