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Neta Fibeesh

Doctoral Student

I obtained my Bachelor's degree in BSc Biomedical Sciences from the University of Birmingham. My undergraduate dissertation involved conducting a bioinformatic analysis of MicroRNA dysregulation in various neurodegenerative diseases, to identify overlap and specific cellular pathways which may be commonly implicated.
Following such, I have completed a Master's degree in MSc Translational Neuroscience at Imperial College London. My thesis project focused on elucidating the link between circadian rhythm disruption and microglial senescence in Alzheimer's disease, to facilitate current understanding regarding the connection between the circadian clock, ageing and neurodegeneration.

When the opportunity to join Ben's lab arose, I was immediately impressed by Ben's friendly and welcoming introduction alongside very evident scientific passion. Moreover, from speaking to additional lab members, I quickly understood that the lab provides a multi-disciplinary environment which promotes the integration of knowledge and curiosity.

The preliminary title of my PhD project is "Utilising induced human neuronal cells and a Brain-On-a-Chip platform to decipher the molecular consequences of mutations linked to familial Parkinson's disease". I am highly looking forward to undertaking this project because I believe it is a novel approach which incorporates cutting-edge tools which could advance current PD research.

After completing a PhD, I hope to maintain a strong focus on cellular and molecular neuroscience research by pursuing academia further whilst keeping alternative career options open.

In my free time, I enjoy going to music festivals and concerts, drinking a lot of coffee and spending time with my friends, family and 3 dogs.

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