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Maya Sade

Bachelor Student

Hey, I’m Maya. A fourth year Biomedical Engineering student from TAU, with a huge passion for bio-mechanics and tissue engineering. I'm doing my final Year Research Project at Ben Maoz lab. I am also working a part time job as R&D engineer intern at a startup company in the field of cardiology.

I heard about Ben's lab from friends that did a project there, and I found a lot of interest in the field, the divers work, the get-it-done attitud and the big smile.

My final project with my patret Michal levin focused on heart on a chip technology. Working hard to make a platform that best mimics the mechanics and electrophysiology of the heart, Comines gels, magnets and electronic components.

Continue to the industery as an awsome Bio-Medical Engineer. Maybe come back sometime as a master student.

I like to spend my free time with friends and family, adore my dog and volunteer as Medical clown

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