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Mark Kiri

Master Student

I began my way in science parallel to my high school studies, and graduated my B.Sc in Life Science a year after graduating from high school. After spending my 3 years in army, where I served in a chemical lab, combining both analytical and organic chemistry, I decided to add an extra level to my scientific interests and combine my biology with engineering. During me taking an additional course in engineering, I worked as MRI technician in Strauss center of the university. After being exposed to the wide spectrum of interests in bio medical engineering, I came to Ben’s lab where I found this rare combine of biology and engineering.

A colleague told me that Ben’s lab is the ideal lab for me – the enthusiasm from science, inventiveness of combining biology and engineering, and above all – the most amazing team of cool, nice and creative people in the campus!

In my master I’ll focus on Gut-on-a-chip, combined with the gut microbiota. First, I would like to successfully create a gut-on-a-chip system with the microbiome on it. Not a simple task, which obviously combining questions and challenges both from biology and engineering. After creating a reliable system, we’ll add the relevant sensors that will help to investigate the connections between the intestine cells and the microbiome on the chip. By creating this platform, we’ll be able to think further about our future interests of it.

I don’t like to make a grandiose plans about the future, life is too dynamic for it. And yet – I want to see America 😊

With myself, I prefer to read a good book with a strong cup of Turkish coffee, letting the YouTube get itself to its dark sides. And after that going to run at the sea during sunset. With friends, we prefer to do things that will give us a good story to tell to others, or to ourselves while drinking beer before weekend and laughing about it.

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