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Maayan Elnekave

Master Student

I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in BSc Biomedical Sciences from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. During my degree, I worked alongside a Ph.D. researcher in developing innovative CAR T cells for treating cancer.
My broad interest in synthetic biology led me to the understanding that I want to continue my academic research in this field and further my knowledge in bioengineering and biomedical research.

My interest in stem cell technologies and organ-on-a-chip models for personalized medicine led me to the understanding that I would like to further my knowledge in the field.
Joining Ben's lab is allowing to do so while gaining hands-on experience and contributing to the development of innovative techniques. I'm excited to join the team and see where this research journey takes me.

Today, I'm focused on developing a high-end multi-organ platform that will later be utilized in personalized medicine. This model aims to develop an alternative for animal testing within the medical industry.

Following my master's, I aim to pursue a Ph.D., in Biomedical Research. My ambition is to make a meaningful impact in the industry by concentrating on research and design within the biomedical field. In the long run, my objective is to contribute to the advancement of methods in personalized medicine and cancer research.

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