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Mégane Beldjilali Labro

Postdoctoral Fellow

After my master studies focusing in biomaterials for the health, I dedicated myself to a PhD focusing on the characterisation and reconstruction of the muscle tendon continuum. There I used electrospinned materials coupled with micro patterning in order to align and promote myoblast development and stem cells differenciation of into tendon.

Ben's Lab interested my particularly for the diversity of tools and projects. I offers me to extend my skills on tissue engineering and microfluidics in a new organ. Also rhe "familly mood" and people knindness convinced me to come.

Beside mentoring students and following projects I will focus my research on the effect of glucose on BBB integrity in a dynamic mutli-culture BBB model. It will involve microfluidics, elctrophysiology and molecular biology.

I will use these years to decide if I want to pursue in academia or go to industry. Ben's collaborations with both industry and partners lab will offer me a view of science applied in health .

Definetly diving and everything related to the sea drives me. I am eager to see the fish in Eilat ;) Also, netflix and chill can be a nice moto.

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