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Lior Luria

Bachelor Student

My name is Lior luria. I am from Rishon Letzion and I am currently a bachelor student in Tel Aviv University studying for double majors in Biomedical engineering + neuroscience. I am joining Ben's lab as part of the excellence students program.

When i searched for an interesting lab to join, i came across Ben's lab and found the ongoing research very intriguing. I think the concept of organs-on-a-chip is revolutionary and could be a tremendous factor in both advancing current research and helping humanity as a whole.

I am currently unaware of my specific project at the lab, but I would like to be a part of a biological research, preferably involving studying the brains' structure and function( as part of organs-on-a-chip or a different ongoing project).

That's a tough question! Right now the thing i find most interesting in my bachelor's are the neuroscience courses, so I hope to work on a project that studys the brain using the engineering tools that im learning in the biomedical major.
On a completely different path, I also find veterinary medicine an interesting option.

My favorite leisure has to be spending time at the sea!
I love everything about the beach and i am also a 2 star diver. If i could i would go diving every day, but unfortunately diving spots in Israel are not so common...

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