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Idan Fishel

Master Student

I am a Biology graduate, finishing my M.Sc degree in Biology at Tel-Aviv University. During the M.Sc I combine biology with engineering.

I chose Ben's lab because I was very excited about the idea of Organs On A Chip, it sounded a revolutionary. I liked the fact that Organs On Chip allows to explore different diseases at the 3D level as well as validate different drugs, without harming animals.
Also, the lab opened me to a world of 3D printing, which intrigued me a lot.

My activity focused on building a Hybrid Bio-Robotic- sensing system (HyBRoS) by using as biological sensors, the locust hearing system. Organ-on-a-Chip was established and validated in order to support the viability and functionality of the hearing system, which will later on integrate in a controllable robotic platform. The robot will identify different sound frequencies, and the direction which the sound comes from.

When I'll be older I want to focus on the field of diseases (preferably on neurological diseases), as I feel that I can have a significant contribution to the field, affect people and it will give me satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

I love the most to be with my family and friends. Also, explore the world ,and especially fly to exotic destinations and just enjoy the sun and the quiet.

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