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Emma Glickman

Master Student

I hold a BSc in Biomaterials Engineering, a
BSc in Chemistry, and minors in Biology and Mathematics from Alfred University in Alfred, NY. My undergraduate research focused on the in-vitro degradation of a tunable calcium polyphosphate bioceramic.
Following my undergraduate studies, I spent one year working as a Research Assistant in the Glass Science and Engineering department at Alfred University studying ion exchange and other glass strengthening techniques.

I met with Ben via Zoom after discovering that his lab was part of the Summer Research Program in the Sciences at TAU International. He was very warm and welcoming, and emphasized how diverse and innovative his lab was. I was drawn to the idea of studying biomedical engineering with a group of people with different backgrounds because it's much more effective to learn from a variety of viewpoints.

My masters research will focus on the role of glucose in neurodegenerative diseases, and how it changes the interaction of neurons and brain vasculature. We will work to build a "neurovascular unit on a chip" to model the metabolic and functional interactions between brain vasculature and neurons, ID major metabolic and functional interactions in a human NVU at homeostasis and diabetic conditions, and target vasculature communications to reduce the development of neuronal dysfunction.

After my masters I would like to work towards a PhD, probably in Biomedical Engineering as well. After that, I hope to join the industry and focus on research and design in the field of bioengineering and help to advance healthcare throughout the world.

Outside of the lab, I love to cook, run, ski, hike, and travel.

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