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Darya Shalem Doctori

Doctoral Student

I completed my undergraduate studies at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem - Bsc in Life sciences (Single expanded major). During my undergraduate studies, I worked as a research associate at a microbiology lab that investigates the interactions between intestinal bacteria and their interactions with the mammilian host. Looking forward to join the direct track to Ph.D in Neuroscience at the Tel-Aviv university!

I was exposed to Ben's lab through a TV show, and felt fascinated about their research. To me, the research vision of this laboratory feels like the farthest scientific horizon I can imagine. The multidisciplinary value of the laboratory opens the door to endless possibilities of new discoveries.

Excited to join the "Mini-me" project. Engaged in developing a personalized immunized human system on a chip.

After my Ph.D studies. I plan to continue with postdoctoral studies. Hoping to open my own lab and promote Israeli science.

I enjoy playing the piano, swimming, spending time with family and friends and study whatever interests me (because why not actually?).

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