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Dan Tebol

Master Student

My name is Dan Tebol, and I am from Strasbourg, a city in Alsace, France. I spent 2 years preparing for competitive exams for prestigious schools, and then I joined Polytech Marseille, a biomedical engineering school. In my first year of Master's, the school sends us abroad to do an internship in a research laboratory to familiarize ourselves with different cultures and working methods, broadening our horizons. I chose Israel, specifically Professor Maoz's lab, for their work in neuroscience, which greatly interests me.

I requested to join Professor Maoz's lab because, as I mentioned earlier, we had the opportunity to study neuroscience at my school in France. However, it's not enough to just learn the theory. I believe it's crucial to refine my knowledge and learn new things by directly experiencing and manipulating them, gaining a more concrete understanding. This hands-on approach aligns with what I'm learning at school and greatly motivates and excites me.Professor Maoz's lab explores various topics within neuroscience. This provides me with a wonderful opportunity to significantly deepen my knowledge in the field. I am excited about the prospect of delving into different areas of neuroscience and expanding my understanding under the guidance of Professor Maoz.

The subject I am working on involves studying deformations in gelatin containing electromagnetic particles in order to capture signals in the form of "waves" that are representative of certain brain impulses.

I still have to complete my studies and my Master's degree, but in the long term, I am increasingly considering pursuing a doctorate.

Apart from my academic pursuits, I enjoy partying with friends, playing ball on the beach, and reading books. One of my strengths is my ability to make people laugh, and I hope to bring that humor to our time together during these three months. My main goal is to gain even more academic knowledge and become a competent engineer/researcher.

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