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Chen Solomon

Bachelor Student

I am an undergrad studying biomedical engineering and neuroscience. I am also about to start my master's degree in electrical engineering, focusing on magnetic resonance imaging.

I first heard about the concept of organ-on-a-chip during a lecture of Ben I was attending in 2018, in which he introduced his lab, which has been just founded, to students in the faculty of engineering. Ben's lecture interested me a lot, so I mailed him my CV the very next day, asking him to do one of my final projects in his lab.

My work in the lab focuses on evaluation of neurons' growth and well-being using image processing tools, and making those tools accessible to lab personnel not familiar with image processing.

I plan on starting my master's degree in electrical engineering studying MRI techniques in Noam Ben-Eliezer's lab.

I enjoy reading books (mainly fantasy), watching movies (mainly sci-fi), and playing video games (mainly RPGs). When I'm not being a total nerd, I also like meeting with friends, playing soccer and watching UFC.

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