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Alma Davidson

Bachelor Student

I'm a B.Sc student in the program of dual degree in biomedical engineering and neuroscience. I find the area of neuroscience very fascinating, especially the combination with engineering.

The whole idea of organ-on-a-chip made me curious. In addition, i also wanted to take part in science and research, and this was the place to experience it and also add my own input.

My Project's goal is to simulate the mechanical hit on neuron during a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). I'm going to build neurons on a chip and simulate different situations of mTBI, and to check the short-term and long-term effects.

After my bachelor degree i want to stay in research and to pursue to advanced degrees. I knew that i want to study neuroscience, but joining Ben's lab made me realize that i also want to be involved in the area of engineering.

Beside school and my job at the lab, i'm teaching girls at the 8th grade programming as a part of a scholarship in the organization QueenB.
I really interested in knowing different languages, and i also studied Yiddish and Arabic during high school and my military service.
In my free time, Ilike to play basketball and to bake different kinds of pastries.

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