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Adi Soffer

Master Student

I am studying in the direct program for a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering at Tel-Aviv university. Since I can remember I was interested in the human body and it's mechanism. Later on, I discovered the biotech world, and was curious about the endless opportunities derived from the combinations between those two. Thus, I decided to level up my interest by learning and (hopefully) practicing in this field.

Last year, I participated in one of Ben’s classes and was fascinated by the tissue engineering world. Ben's enthusiasm for his work hypnotized me, as the descriptions of the lab’s projects - I knew I had to be a part of it.

My master's focus on examining the connection between Diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. A fascinating challenge, integrating engagement in biology, engineering and algorithms.

After finishing the master’s degree in Ben's lab, I wish to get involved in the biomedical industry and start a job as a developer engineer. I would like to focus on the field of Neurological diseases and their treatment.

When I'm not too busy saving the world, I enjoy playing the ukulele and wearing fun socks. Also, I love to travel across the country with my family and friends.

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