Ofir Vardi

Master Student

My name is Ofir and I am a M.Sc Student of Electrical Engineering in the lab. I just finished this year my bachelor's dual degree in Bio-Medical Engineering and Neuroscience at 'Sagol School of Neuroscience' in Tel Aviv University.

I did my final bachelor’s degree project guided by Dr. Ben Maoz over the last year. I worked on developing a special TBI model on a chip. Ben offered me to stay for the Master and I decided that this was the right choice! I always knew that I will do a Master’s degree and I decided that the Maoz lab is the place for this. I love the diversity of projects in our lab and of course I love the people and the nice environment that we have.

My Master's thesis aim is to understand how extremely low frequency Electromagnetic field can induce neuroregeneration after Traumatic Brain Injury. I am working in collaboration with BrainQ company.

After I will finish my Master's I believe that I will find a job as a developer engineer in a company that is related to the braintech industry.

In my free time I like be with my family, to travel in Israel and around the world, to go out with friends, hang out in parties, to play tennis and to dive.